Ehsan Arya Meybod Tile and Ceramic Manufacturing Group

In 1986, by the establishment of Ehsan Meybod Tile Company, the industrial group started manufacturing ceramic tiles. Ehsan Nirouy-e Meybod (Arya Granite), Caspian-e Seram and Meybod Arya Loab Company form other members of this reputable family. Starting the EMG Tashkent Project, the Industrial Group has been exporting their products, by which it has achieved great success. It has also managed a sustainable export of know-how. This industrial group, giving direct employment to more than 750 employees and tens of contractors and suppliers of the raw materials and sales networks, is considered currently one of the most reputable and experienced members of Iran's ceramic tile industry. Despite difficulties and much opposition, we are honored to acknowledge that through the evolution of the industry over the past 30 years, we have succeeded in initiating a way that even with the passage of time, has been approved by other pioneers in the industry, implying that we have chosen the right path.

EMG Industrial Group was established to promote investment in Iran, create jobs, reduce dependency on foreign countries, and pursue economic prosperity, growth and excellence in the ceramic tiles industry. It is established and works in line with the globalization process.

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