Ehsan Tile Company
The company was founded in 1986 and is among the first companies producing ceramic tiles in Meybod. Initially, the company produced floor tiles, but fortunately in 1999 started the production of Monoporosa (single fired wall tile) for the first time in Iran, and several development projects to increase the production capacity of floor and wall tiles.
Ehsan Nirouy-e Meybod (Arya Granite)
The company has begun its activities in producing all kinds of granite tiles (porcelain) since 1998, using the world's most modern technology.
Arya Loab Company
Arya Loab Company of Ehsan Meybod Mfg. Group was founded in 2003, and is located 14 kilometers away from the historic city Meybod. The total area is 18,000 square meters of which 10,000 square meters are dedicated to manufacturing facilities, including primary and developmental sections; the primary section consists of 7 rotary furnaces with a capacity to produce 12,000 tons. In the developmental section, three continuous kiln furnaces of which two are 10-ton furnaces and one 5-ton furnace are being installed. Therefore, after the launch of the new furnaces the production capacity will increase to 22,000 tons. The current products include a variety of engobe, transparent, matte and opaque frit for all tile production processes such as the 2 parts of Monoporosa, floor and porcelain of various designs. In the future, colored glaze, printing powder, and other requirements of tile industry will be added to the product portfolio of the factory. Arya Loab Company, enjoying the experts, has a large capability in the design and production of various enamels, and provides engineering and technical services to meet all customers' needs. The company as one of the efficient producers of enamels in Iran is honored to have a significant presence in the market in light of the principles of customer-oriented policies, and therefore, its products are of interest to customers.
The group is active in producing all kinds of frit and printing powders to be used in ceramic tile industry.
A development program to increase the capacity of the group is in progress.
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